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Welcome! I am Ikewise.

This is a place for me to host my projects and whatnot, as well as where I'll share some things I've learned about web design, to hopefully help others who are learning.

I was gonna "reformat" my site and move away from the "bloglike minor infrequent site updates" layout I had going and instead push out longer "article" pages with opinions 'n shit, but like pretty much as soon as I decided to do that I suddenly wanted to do those simpler blog-type entries I never do.


So fuck it, here's my blog.

2020-02-11 - Where I've Been

2018-07-28 - July Overview and Site Updates

2018-06-23 - Linux pt. 3, Programming, and Mastodon

2018-06-15 - Linux, pt. 2

2018-06-10 - Mac and Linux

2018-05-19 - A Return of Sorts

Older Site Updates

That being said, a wise girl once said "Why don't we have both?" I'll get that article section out sometime soon. Hopefully.