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Welcome! I am Ikewise.

This is a place for me to host my projects and whatnot, as well as where I'll share some things I've learned about web design, to hopefully help others who are learning.

what am I even doing lol

February 7, 2023


I feel like I'm long past due accepting that this site isn't something I'm gonna regularly keep updated, so here's a new home page that better reflects the reality of my site instead of pretending I'm ever gonna blog or anything.

The static pages around here are better anyway. I know some of them have done some rounds, like the fonts and the Pokémon typecalc (despite being very old). I know the JavaScript includes tutorial has helped some people, and I'm happy to hear that! I wish I had more tips-n-tricks like that to share.

So where does that leave us? With a pretty much officially dead site, I guess. I won't rule out uploading some more one-off pages like that if the opportunity arises, but no promises.

So that's the current state of the website. As for me, I'm actually doing alright. The 2010s were a rough decade for me, but I think I've finally gotten myself in better shape (mentally, at least). I think I'll be ok.

See you around.

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