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This page is for all of the fonts I've created. They are all completely free to use.

You don't need to credit me if you use them, but it would be appreciated.

GameSystem v1.0

[Image:GameSystem font]

I've tried several "retro game" fonts over the years but I never found one I was fully satisfied with. So I looked at the alphabets in several old games and assembled this font based on what I considered the best version of each letter. Includes lowercase characters, which most of those games didn't have.

GameSystem supports the basic keyboard characters.

Download GameSystem v1.0 font

Belmont v1.0

[Image:Belmont font]

Based on the Gothic-style font from Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse.

Belmont supports the basic keyboard characters.

Download Belmont v1.0 font

Debug Menu v1.0

[Image:Debug Menu font]

This font is based on EarthBound's boot-up debug menu. I made this because International Font of Mystery, an older font which is based on the same menu, has issues that make it hard to work with (such as ridiculous line spacing).

Debug Menu supports the basic keyboard characters.

Download Debug Menu v1.0 font

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Font v1.1

[Image:Pokémon Mystery Dungeon font]

As the name suggests, this is based on the in-game text from the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series. I even added in a large number of custom symbols in the same style, in case you need more than just the standard alphabet.

Download PMD v1.1 font

Usage Note: The drop-shadow used in the games is one pixel left AND one pixel down-left.