Ikewise Online


88x31 Web Buttons I've made!

Feel free to use them or add them to button compilations or whatever.

Link to my site

[Image:Ikewise Online button in green]
[Image:Ikewise Online button in blue]

Link buttons I finally made for my site. Now you can link to me!

Link to meeee.

The blue one is for the blue theme I'll bring back someday. Maybe.


[Image:Neocities animated button]

This one's an edit of an old GeoCities button.


[Image:Mastodon button 1]
[Image:Mastodon button 2]
[Image:Mastodon button 3]

Some Mastodon buttons, if you're into that.

Mastodon is basically a decentralized Twitter alternative. There are a bunch of different servers but they can all communicate with each other. It's kind of like email, but Twitter. Check it out. Follow me maybe idk.


[Image:Notepad++ button]

This one's not very good but here it is anyway.