Ikewise Online


July Overview and Site Updates


As I mentioned on my profile, I kinda lost track of the past month. Feels like it's gone by ridiculously fast.

Alright, what have I been up to...

I've got the Manjaro MacBook pretty much stable now, nothing else has gone wrong with it and it's running nicely. I did accidentally not update it for a while because I didn't realize it won't know that there are updates until you manually syncronize databases, so it ended up with almost 400 pending updates, but it all installed without a problem.

My plan is to use it as a general development machine for programming and such. I decided to try out HaxeFlixel again and have had some success but haven't had much time to spend on it yet.

In addition to programming, I've moved all of my site files over to it, rearranged things a bit, and set it up so it's all tracked with Git. I'm using the Visual Studio Code editor and it's really nice for keeping track of the entire project folder and (via Git) what files have been added and changed.

As far as site updates go, I've finally added all the 88x31 buttons of everyone I follow to the sidebar. I held off on that for a long time because I didn't have a button for my site yet, but now I do so there you go. Free advertising for a bunch of you.

Stacking them takes up way more vertical space than I realized, so I moved the styleswitcher links to the main navbar. I'll probably need to tweak my themes a bit to compensate too, I know Monobook at least looks pretty bad like this. The Minimal and LFG themes look nice though. I also figured out how to simplify my "No Preference" system. CSS files can @import other CSS files, so now I just use that instead of duplicating the entire stylesheet like a moron.

I think I'll call it a wrap on this update. Hopefully it won't be a month before my next post, but August-September is the busiest time of the year at my job.