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Linux pt. 3, Programming, and Mastodon


While screwing around in Manjaro yesterday I figured out how to get Timeshift to work. If I run it from the terminal with sudo timeshift-launcher, it comes up. I don't fucking know why it wouldn't run from the GUI but whatever. I also modified its Application Launcher entry to open through the terminal so IT WORKS. LINUX WORKS. I WILL MAKE IT WORK.

Now that I have this system restore ...system in place and making daily restore points, I don't have to worry as much about fucking the whole OS up!

Also it turns out accessing the Arch User Repository is fairly easy. I just installed Trizen and that enabled an AUR setting in Octopi (the package manager). After that it works about the same as installing anything else. Now I can use my new favorite browser Vivaldi!

It did freeze up on me at one point and I had to forcefully reboot it.

I also figured out how to get Python's IDLE shell to work, so I'll be able to use this machine for some codeshit or something idk. I don't use Python often but I like it.

[Image:GimelBot login screen]
GimelBot's login screen.

I tried to make an IRC bot in Python back in 2014 or so and it technically worked, but my code for breaking down messages into script-recognizable bits slowed it down so much that it couldn't catch all the chat input. I don't know what I was doing wrong there. I ended up switching over to Game Maker 8 (which I have way more experience in) and in that I was able to break down the messages without being too slow. It even had a nice Neon Green on Black GUI!

I love Game Maker but it's proprietary and expensive. I'd like to learn a "real" programming language sometime. The biggest problem is I don't know where to start.

I used Python not too long ago to write a very basic web "scraper". I use quotes there because it was really more of a brute-force page downloader. I used it to archive the old TRsRockin Forums because the host it was on got bought out by an absolutely garbage forum system called Yuku and we didn't know if we could trust them to, y'know, continue to exist. I always intended to go back and format that data into something more presentable (if not import it into another forum system) but I never got around to it and Yuku got bought out by Tapatalk, which I don't care for but at least their software seems to actually work.

In other news I joined the Mastodon decentralized social network this morning. Here's my profile. I don't know if I'll use this much because I've never been a big social media user, but I love that this whole system is open source and decentralized. Reminds me of the old IRC days. Someone should make a federated Discord alternative or something because IRC is definitely showing its age.

I'm thinking about maybe making some Mastodon bots. We'll see!