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Linux, pt. 2


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So I slept on the Linux problems and the next day I figured out how to get the WiFi working. I had to uninstall the driver Manjaro was using and install the b43 driver from the software repository. The shutdown-being-missing problem corrected itself after a reboot. So basically Linux works!

I also found instructions for installing a "boot splash" in Manjaro so it looks nicer as it starts up as opposed to all the console text. It's not anti-aliased though so it's not perfect but it's a good start.

The Mac boots to rEFInd and from there into Manjaro via GRUB2. I don't know how to get rid of GRUB, I'm pretty sure I shouldn't need it since I have rEFInd, but I don't want to break it and have to start over.

On that note, I found a program called Timeshift which works kind of like a System Restore for Linux. Good for preventing breaking everything so much you have to start over. Neat!

...in theory anyway because haha it doesnt work

When I try to run it, it prompts for password and then does nothing. I installed it from the regular Manjaro repository so idk why it wouldn't work. I could try a different one, like from the AUR, but I don't know how to use the AUR and that's the kind of thing I want a System Restore in place for before I go messing with it. So I'm kind of at a catch-22 here.

Anything else I want to attempt on the machine is pretty much the same situation. I'll probably leave it as-is for now because I have other things I need to be spending my time on.

Like that styleswitcher-based web design course I started writing. If you're interested in or looking forward to that, by the way, let me know. Leave me a comment or something. It would really help keep me motivated!