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Mac and Linux


I got a Mac recently from work. It's an old Mid-2010 MacBook that was being obsoleted so I got to have it. Despite its age, it was able to update to High Sierra (the current version of OSX at time of writing) so that's cool. It's a bit slow, but bumping the RAM up to 4gb might help that.

Now to be honest, I've never been a fan of the Macintosh or Apple products in general. I believe my exact words in the past were "Macs are for people who don't know how to use real computers," but being Cheap As Free™ takes precedence over dumb brand wars.

What I really wanted it for though was Linux. I love the idea of Linux, love the idea of not having to rely on Microsoft putting out a decent product, but I've never been able to really get into it. Mostly because I always end up getting frustrated about something and just return to Windows where it's already set up and working and I know what I'm doing. So I wanted a machine that I could actually dedicate to running Linux (that isn't one of my old laptops with various hardware issues). I have a Raspberry Pi but it's running as a headless server machine, not something I can just experiment with.

I figured with Linux on the MacBook, I'd actually stick with Linux because the alternative would be using Mac OS, bleh. I burned a Manjaro disk a while back and had liked it when I tried it out. Popped it into the MacBook and it booted up fine, everything in the LiveCD environment worked. Linux has come a long way since the mid-2000's when my Toshiba Satellite could only just barely run Knoppix and only with bizzare, arcane boot options enabled (and then had no WiFi).

The installer's simple and easy to use. I got the hard drive partitioned and Manjaro installed.

It didn't boot.

Some free verse poetry born of my frustrations.

Three times I installed Manjaro before it would actually boot. I spent all day on this shit, but I finally got it working. Except that the WiFi that worked flawlessly in the LiveCD session inexplicably doesn't work now. I plugged it into ethernet to run updates, and now the WiFi menu in the system tray is just gone. The shutdown command vanished from the start menu too. I gave up on it for the night.

Maybe I don't know how to use real computers.