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A Return of Sorts


One of A.N. Lucas's wonderful little web buttons is Anti-Code & Run, against the "premature abandonment of web pages." It's a nice button.

[Image:Anti-Code & Run]

I considered using it when I was looking for buttons to use here and on Lily's Flower Garden. But after a bit of thought I realized that it didn't feel right to use it because I knew eventually I wouldn't keep on top of site updates.

And wouldn't you know it, here we are. I haven't really updated since 2016. Another sadly accurate prediction.

Not to say that I ever intended to abandon my sites, it's more of a self-awareness I guess. I've always loved fighting with CSS to make a cool-looking webpage but never knew what to put on one once I was done, which is why I've got four different themes for my site despite very little content. I'll probably make some more themes, honestly.

Well, besides the fact that I'm "a lazy piece of shit who ran out of ideas for what to do here," the main reason I've been away is because I finally got a job. Which is good! I'm doing tech support, something I've always been pretty good at. It's typically not overly stressful or anything, but it's still work so by the time I get home I'm tired (though usually more mentally than physically), and then when I get time off I just want to relax. I end up not doing things I want to do (like work on my websites) because those things also take work and ugh i dont want to do more workkkk.

But if I don't do anything fun, life will get miserable. So hey, I'm back!

I've got a lot of sites to catch up on around here, you guys have been busy. I've also got some stuff I want to do here, starting with this very post. I'm gonna rework my site a bit because the way I have it set up currently looks a bit too much like a blog that's never used. Instead, I've decided I want it to be more like, say, Maddox's site (but hopefully in a less abrasive tone!) - lengthier pages uploaded whenever. Quality over quantity and a convenient excuse to not update frequently.

In addition to the new article format, uh... anyone remember this?

[Image:HTML and CSS guide comment]
This was like January 2016 or something. hahaha whoops

Between seeing people here on Neocities needing help and some friends of mine expressing interest, and the fact that I always intended to have more guides than just my Client-Side Includes tutorial, I've decided to go ahead and start working on a web design course. It'll be based on modern HTML5 and CSS3 - so no deprecated elements like framesets, no tables for layout, etc - and will also have some tips and tricks like the JavaScript includes. And as I said, the CSS section will be based around the styleswitcher to help with keeping content and style separated, because one thing I've learned is that working with radically different stylesheets will quickly show you where you put style information into your content without realizing it.

That one's gonna take a while, and I have no idea how long. In the meantime, I have ideas for some more articles to write so hopefully I'll get some of those out soon.

I hope you enjoy my site!